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Bilan de fin d’année fort pour notre partenaire Arcam

Bilan de fin d'année fort pour notre partenaire Arcam

During the year Arcam received 42 new system orders, an increase by over 50% compared to the previous year. Arcam sees a continued strong demand, particularly from the aerospace industry and order intake for its new large system, the Arcam Q20, is strong.

Arcam enters 2015 with an order book of 19 systems.
The Asian market continues to grow and over one third of the order intake in 2014 comes from Asia. The work to industrialize Arcam’s technology with the major players within the aerospace and implant industries continue and there are good business opportunities forward. Of the 35 systems that were delivered during the period the majority went to customers within the medical implant or the aerospace industry.

Strong growth and strategic acquisitions

Net sales increased by 70% to 339.0 (199.4) MSEK
Operating income increased to SEK 19.6 (14.5) MSEK (including non-recurring costs of approximately 9.3 (5) MSEK)
Net income increased to 57.1 (15.4) MSEK (including tax effects of approximately 15.8 MSEK)
Earnings per share increased to 3.10 (0.96) SEK
35 (25) EBM systems were delivered during the period
Order intake increased to 42 (27) systems
Acquisition of the metal powder manufacturer AP&C in Canada
Acquisition of the contract manufacturer DiSanto Technology Inc.
For the fourth quarter :

Sales increased by 105% to 137.1 (66.9) MSEK
Operating income increased to 13.2 (6.9) MSEK
Net income increased to 15.0 (7.6) MSEK
Order intake increased to 21 (10) systems
5 (9) EBM systems were delivered in the third quarter
Significant events after the end of the period :

Order for 5 new EBM systems in January 2015

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CNIL : N°898941

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