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MULTISTATION, your turnkey FAB LAB provider

Multistation is launching, in addition to delivering 3D printers located in the Paris Montparnasse PROTO3DSHOP, a new service as a provider of turnkey FAB LAB provider.
Requests for FAB LABs, the name given for design and manufacturing workshops of objects of all kinds and different materials, using mainly digital tools, are growing exponentially. A FAB LAB is a dedicated space where a concept can be experimented, explored and materialized.
Nevertheless, a FAB LAB is not only the association of tools as diverse as a 3D printer, a laser-cutting machine or a digital milling machine. A FAB LAB should be able to adapt to an ever-changing product offer and eclectic visitors: universities, schools... to discover and conduct training, research centers to produce lab tools or research new processes, local companies, craftsmen, creators, SMEs developing small numbers of products or individuals with personal projects they wish to expand (for example, DIY enthusiasts : Do It Yourself!)

FAB LAB, a purpose-built space
After a feasibility study, a case study, an HQE program and a risk analysis, Multistation offers a turnkey solution with an installation guide listing all the equipment required: in the first place, a suitable design space fitted with graphic design software, from free basic software programs to complex software programs (architectural structure design - lattice type), a shooting and a 3D digitization room. Then, a production space, dedicated to additive manufacturing, is divided into sub-spaces according to the different processes being used (cutting processes, 3D printing, machining with "alternative" processes...). Lastly, we find an assembly and finishing space where products are post-treated, assembled and tested.
A FAB LAB must be fitted with a documentation center, a library, a self-study media library, a supply library with samples of materials, a technology center provided with all available technologies as well as current evolutions in the state of the art and development breakthroughs, a tutorial library and a supply store (medium-density fiberboard, cardboard paper, plastic spindles (ABS/PLA), small tools)... and a store offering finished or on-demand products.
In addition to delivering machines, Multistation offers their expertise in engineering within the FAB LAB, determining suitable premises, a potential nursery, professors, trainers, technicians and monitors as far as compliance with safety, environment, certification and patent terms are concerned. The company also offers a financial assessment of operating expenses (maintenance and obsolescence contracts...) and of the expected returns along with an assessment of the value associated with the sale of products, trade shows, conferences, patent applications...
Multistation provides the FAB LAB creators with their expertise in terms of equipment and industrial workshop in order to assist them when implementing comprehensive and scalable solutions. "The turnkey solution can never be standardized, hence, Multistation offers different levels of equipment according to budget and technical expectations" as outlined by Clément Boutet, the Proto3DShop director in Paris Montparnasse.

Tel +33 2 99 16 35 35
Anne Laure Vincent or Jessica Coupé
Anne-laure@multistation.com jessica@multistation.com


Tel : +33 (0) 2 99 16 35 35
fax : +33 (0) 2 99 46 41 41

29 Rue de l’ Isle Celée - BP 80126 - 35801 DINARD Cedex - (FRANCE)
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