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Founded in 1956, Alesamonti deploys its facility plant in the lakes region of Northern Italy. The company designed its first MB63 boring machine in 1961 with a spindle of 63 mm diameter and its first milling machine in 1972.

Since that time, the company started applying CNC to its products, and added movable column to boring and milling machines and launched completely hydrostatic sliding and rotary tables. In 1992, Alesamonti built its first combined milling and drilling machine with a deep hole drilling unit. Since 2000, the company installed a 13 meters high new assembly line and realized completely hydrostatic boring-milling machines. Then, in 2004, Alesamonti started integrating machine tools into flexible production systems (FRM systems : Fully Robotized Machine systems). Today Alesamonti continues to sell high-quality products thanks to its total control of manufacturing in its own electric and mechanic factory as well as an accurate electronic and mechanic design division that keeps on elaborating products constantly up-to-date. All the machines are compliant with the European Machine Directive.
With fixed or movable columns

Two main categories of boring and milling machines have contributed to build the reputation of Alesamonti as a quality product maker : machines with a fixed column and machines with a movable column. Within the first category, the MCS100 and the MAF45 models are considered as universal machines due to their controlled axes – four linear axes and a rotary one. Both machines are equipped with an electronic controller that helps delivering high accuracy jobs, even for machining complex pieces. Furthermore, Alesamonti offers a wide portfolio of options and accessories. For example, machines may be equipped by systems for automatically changing tools or pallets. Equipped with movable columns, the FT45 boring and milling machines are equipped with two independent units : a common unit for all versions, consisting in a ram and a column with two controlled independent longitudinal motions and a cross travel unit, located in right-angle position to the first unit. Then the FT45 model splits into two versions : the FT45TF version with a fixed table and the FT45TG version with rotary table. Alesamonti has applied the same principle to the FT50 range with a cross travel unit located in right-angle position to the first unit, available, this time, in three versions : the FT50TF with a fixed table, the FT50TG with a rotary table and the FT50TGF with a rotary table included in the fixed table.

Last but not least, the MM milling-boring machine with movable column consists of the column bed, the column and the ram. Let’s precise that, in the MMC version, a quill-motion system parallel to the ram is added. As a result, MM models are used for machining large workpieces on all sides, when the machine is provided with a rotary-travelling table. In this way, an immediate reduction of the workpiece preparation time is obtained. MM models also enable to create so-called “Islands” where several parts can be machined simultaneously. Furthermore, these machines may be equipped with an automatic tool-charger.