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Logo Anisoprint

Anisoprint, a Russian 3D printing company, is using its continuous fiber 3D printing technique to create reinforced plastic parts that are “15-20 times stronger and stiffer” than FDM printed parts. 

Anisoprint CTO, Andrey Azarov says, “Our technology is another step towards the new industrial revolution, which will move us away from the standardized mass production and reveal new horizons of human creativity.”

In 2015, Anisoprint won a startup competition and has since been developing a 3D printer that can work with composite materials to produce structural parts with the strength and other properties required for end use applications in robotics, aviation and other mechanical engineering scenarios.

“Existing 3D printing technologies are rather expensive or not applicable for functional parts production,” Anisoprint says. “Our technology is a revolutionary solution combining [the] low equipment price typical for personal plastic printers with [the] capability of producing high performance structural elements.”

The philosophy


Anisoprint philisophy

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The technology

Anisoprint technology

Advantages of Anisoprint CFRP parts:

  • 15 times stronger than neat plastic
  • 7 times stronger than plastic compounds
  • 4 times lighter than titanium