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DAVID Vision

DAVID Vision Systems GmbH is a German manufacturer of 3D laser scanning systems and 3D scanners on the base of innovative structured light technology.
DAVID Laserscanner is a well-known low-cost scan 3D figure: with an inexpensive material, it allows the amateur to get into the 3D scan using a simple webcam and a laser line: the 3D world is available to everyone.
Computer scientists Dr. Simon Winkelbach and Sven Molkenstruck, research associates of the Institute for Robotics and Process Control of the Technische Universität Braunschweig (in Germany), started to develop the David LaserScanner in 2006. They published a research paper “Low-Cost Laser Range Scanner and Fast Surface Registration Approach” which was awarded by the German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM) on September 14, 2006, in Berlin.
The product has various fields of application such as: rapid prototyping, quality control, product presentation, archaeology, engineering, computer animation, video games…

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