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Desktop Metal

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Desktop Metal®, one of leading providers of metal and carbon fiber 3D printing solutions


At Desktop Metal, their portfolio of Team DM brands was carefully curated by the brightest engineering minds to drive the future of Additive Manufacturing 2.0, or production-volume 3D printing.

They have paired 3D printing technologies that they view as truly production capable with performance materials and select applications and technologies to help drive the next generation of additive. Achieving this goal requires speeds and costs that compete with conventional manufacturing, as well as new levels of uptime and reliability in 3D printing.

They TeamDM employees are passionate in the belief that AM 2.0 technologies can deliver more advanced parts and produtcs that can truly change world at high, meaningful volumes. From lighter, smarter vehicles to new sources of energy to completely customizable patient care produtcs, their team is aggressively pursuing a sustainable and modern manufacturing technology future.

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Desktop Metal – Production System™ P-1

Designed to bridge the gap between bench top development and mass production, the Production System™ P-1 is an open platform binder jetting...
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Desktop Metal – Production System™ P-50

Created by leading inventors of binder jetting and single-pass inkjet technology, the Production System™ P-50 is designed to be the fastest way...
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ExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max FlexExOne S-Max Flex

EXONE – S-Max Flex

S-Max Flex expands ExOne's sand binder jetting portfolio ExOne's most affordable sand 3D printer ever, the S-Max Flex, was developed...
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EXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160ProEXONE X1 160Pro

Desktop Metal – X160 Pro

Binder jet 3D printing for production is finally here with the X160 Pro, the 10th and largest metal 3D printer...
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EXONE X1_2019-03_X1 25Pro_frontX1_2019-03_X1 25Pro_sideExOne X1 25PROExOne X1 25PROExOne X1 25PRO

Desktop Metal – X25 Pro

The X25 PRO™ offers the ability to produce fine quality parts from a variety of materials including : 316L, 304...
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exone-systems-metal-innovent-plus_2EXONE Innovent+exone innovent-slide-2

Desktop Metal – Innovent X

Innovent X is the binder jetting machine from ExOne dedicated to R&D an small series production. It is a flexible,...
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EXONE – S-Print

The S-Print machine is the smallest ExOne machine for printing sand parts, moulds and cores. It is suitable for research...
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The S-Max is a high productivity machine for cold hardening binder systems. It is particularly suitable for foundry applications.
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EXONE X1 S-Max proEXONE X1 S-Max pro

EXONE – S-max Pro

The S-Max Pro is an evolution of the S-Max, with higher productivity and a wider choice of binders. It’s also...
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