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The subsidiary of Roth Industries develops and manufactures impregnation facilities and customized filament winding machines.

Specializing in the manufacture of composite parts, the German company EHA (Engineering high-tech Assets) provides complete solutions. The subsidiary of Roth Industries designs and manufactures both cells of production for the impregnation of materials than filament winding machines. Solutions are adapted to the capacity of production of the user. The impregnation facilities are equipped with special stay dryers adapted with the final products.

The equipment manufacturing materials bands continuous, such as paper, cloth, sheets, non-woven, etc. They are impregnated or coated with resins to melamine, phenolic, polyester, silicone, epoxy or similar.

The manufacturing process is timed well between each element of the cell to avoid bottlenecks and to ensure an economic cycle time. Ergonomics, safety and efficiency characterize these solutions that cater to various applications in the fields of energy, the automobile industry and paper, leisure articles…