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Hembrug machine tools

Hembrug, the Hard Turning Company

Hembrug has developed and manufactured hydrostatic ultra-precision turning machines for over 45 years and is located in the Netherlands. As turning specialists, they are well known for product innovation and customized solutions in the field of hard turning.

Hembrug designed and built the first ultra-precision turning machine with hydrostatic bearings 45 years ago. The application was aluminum memory discs that needed a smooth surface finish. This machine for diamond turning had superior static and dynamic stiffness and thermal stability.

As from the introduc¬tion of CBN cutting tools, Hembrug started the investigation of finish hard turning within sub-micron tolerances on a Mikroturn® machine.

Finish hard turning has evolved into a simple, reliable and innovative process and is increasingly gaining ground at the cost of grinding technology.

With Hembrug finish hard turning technology many costly and time consuming cylindrical grinding operations can be easily replaced, without losing part quality.

Hembrug Mikroturn® solutions can be horizontal or vertical machines.

  • The horizontal turning systems allow machining of pieces with a max diameter range of 100-500mm, a max length range of 50-700mm and a max weight range of 1-300kg.
  • The vertical turning systems allow machining of pieces with a max diameter range of 650-1500mm, a max length of 350mm and a max weight range of 800-3000kg.

The Mikroturn® technology is used worldwide in various sectors such as the bearing, automotive, mold & die industries.

To find out how hard turning shortens process chain, read the document below :