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Logo Leapfrog

Leapfrog wants to bridge the gap between the current state of technology of 3D printers and the future of 3D printing as a whole. Leapfrog’s printers are sturdy and versatile and are one of the preferred choices for businesses and schools.

Leapfrog develops high quality products to a much broader customer base at an affordable price. Their printers are easy to use and come with plug and play devices. They offer the largest print area within this price range combined with a high print resolution.
They respond to the needs of engineers, architects, educators, designers and medical users and have many applications such as rapid prototyping, manufacturing of spare parts, scale modelling, teaching 3D print classes and customizing designs.

Leapfrog 3D Printers was founded in 2012 when AV Flexologic, a Dutch manufacturer of machines for the flexographic industry, was in need of producing prototypes and unavailable spare parts for their machines. After evaluating the poor or expensive options available in 3D printing at that time, the decision was made to develop the ultimate easy to use, sturdy and versatile 3D printer. This is how the classic Creatr was born. Until this date, AV Flexologic is still Leapfrog 3D Printers’ (in house) client and their feedback are incorporated in new developments.

Leapfrog headquarters is located in Alphen Aan den Rijn (The Netherlands).