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SLM Solutions

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SLM Solutions develops additive manufacturing metal solutions with application in R&D and production.

The German society, SLM solutions, located in Lübeck (one hour from Hamburg), has been specialized in additive manufacturing technologies for many years. SLM Solutions develops additive manufacturing metal solutions which are polyvalent and flexible.

SLM Solutions systems have applications in R&D thanks to the openness of its machines which offers users the ability to access parameters that control the process. SLM Solutions are used in production as the company develops the most productive laser systems: indeed, the proprietary multi laser technology is used by leading industrial companies for direct part production in increasing volumes.
SLM Solutions offers 4 systems:

  • the SLM 125HL,
  • SLM 280HL,
  • SLM 500HL,
  • and SLM 800HL.

These solutions are used in different industries: automotive, aerospace, medical (and dental).
For series production or prototypes, these systems are able to manufacture complex parts, with a wide range of material: titanium allows, CoCr, aluminum, steels…
Sector: medical, aerospace, industry
Family : Additive Manufacturing