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Headquartered in Korea, Solutionix develops high-performance structured-light 3D scanning systems for a wide variety of applications such as 3D digitizing, 3D Measurement, Quality Inspection, Reverse Engineering and Optical Engineering.
Since founded, they have been focusing largely on the research and developments of their core technology in the 3D measurement. As a result, the Rexcan series developed by Solutionix have evolved into an efficient and optimized solution which can be used in the entire product development process for various sectors such as Industry (automotive, electronic), Luxury, Art, Medical and Aerospace.
Hundreds of clients have chosen the Rexcan series which provide a fast, highly accurate and detailed 3D measurement data.
Solutionix is ISO 9001 certified and the solutions chosen by Multistation are tested and validated by our team: a pledge of quality and efficiency.

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