SPEE3D is the first additive manufacturing technology based on the coldspray process – Projection of powder at supersonic speed. The SPEE3D machine manufacture parts or preforms of parts, in a quick and inexpensive manner, suitable for productions applications. This technology can for example substitute to the moulding and the vacuum casting processes.

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How does this work ?

Instead to use the heat to fusion the metallic powder, the patented technology of SPEE3D consist to project the powder thanks to a nozzle which speed up the air up to three time the sound’s speed. The injected powders are deposed on a substrate linked to a 6 axes robot arm. In this process, the pure kinetic energy allow to bond the powders together to create a high density part with normal metallurgical properties.


  • Compact machine comprising a closed build chamber, powder dealer , electronics and projection nozzle
  • Control desk with a tactile screen
  • 6 axes robot at high velocity
  • Very high build rate – up to 100 grams/minute


Theoretically, all the metallic materials can be projected.
The SPEE3D process is actually qualified for:

  • Copper
  • Aluminium

Some key points

  • Productivity: 100 to 1000 faster than the traditional additive manufacturing
  • Flexible: on-demand manufacturing : from an unique part to a 10000 parts series
  • Moderate costs: similar cost to the foundry – low-cost materials (copper and aluminium)
  • Resistance: High density parts and with a low thermic constraint.
  • Ease of use: no complex redesign: send your file and product a part… or more!