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SPEE3D is specialized in metal additive manufacturing. SPEE3D uses a technology called Cold Spray which consists in projecting fine particles of metal at very high speed (up to mach3) on the deposit surface which makes these particles fuse together. The most common applications are in the maritime and defence fields, where the machine can be taken anywhere thanks to the mobile solution.

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Use a material without worrying about its reactivity

One of the biggest advantages of SPEE3D’s technology is that it never heats up the material, so it will not melt. Thanks to their new Phaser nozzle revealed in 2022, a new range of materials becomes available: highly reactive materials such as titanium. It is now also possible to process stainless steel and tungsten.

A very fast process

The second biggest advantage of the Cold Spray process is its deposition rate, which is one of the highest in the metal additive manufacturing sector. It is considered to be 1000 times faster than laser processes.