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Vshaper manufactures reliable 3D printers that support prototyping and small to medium production runs. Vshaper has a wide range of FILSHAPER filaments. Vshaper conducts extensive testing over several months to find the optimal filament for a material, only one filament supplier is kept for each proposed filament. Once qualified, a yarn supplier is retained to ensure continuous quality service and repeatability to its customers. You can also use your own yarns if you wish. Vshaper is an open environment.

A wide range of printable materials : PP, ABS-S21, PA12, ASA, PC-ABC, PET-G, PEEK, TPU, PA+GF, PC and soon new ones.

A dedicated slicer

Vshaper’s offering also includes SOFTSHAPER professional software, dedicated to their printers. In the same way that CNC software has improved machine tools, Softshaper offers new functions: insert, layer grouping or substrate design. The open software allows you to manipulate all the parameters of the printing process. Select the best printing temperature, speed, media, and many other parameters to achieve the best result. And all this while remaining very intuitive.


The 5AX range

The VSHAPER 5AX MACHINE changes the way of thinking about 3D printing in FFF technology. The 5-axis kinematics of the machine equipped with a working platform with rotating inclination allows to forget the traditional printing method consisting in the additive application of successive layers of material.

The PRO range

The PRO series is built to be reliable, repeatable and highly productive. Thanks to its high temperature heating nozzle, it is able to print technical materials like PEEK or a wide range of materials. At Vshaper, the systems are totally open to do R&D or modify the parameters as desired. It is also possible to use the solutions while being cut off from the outside for defense or R&D. There are two different printers:

  • 270 PRO : print volume 250 x 250 x 175 mm, 1 nozzle
  • 500 PRO : print volume 420 x 420 x 420 mm, 2 nozzle

The MED range

The MED range is designed for medical or food applications. Thanks to the solutions implemented, such as UV sterilization, the construction in medical grade materials and the possibility to process biocompatible PEEK, it will perfectly adapt to medical, veterinary and food applications. The printing volume and the materials used are the same as for the 270 PRO and 500 PRO which exist in the MED version.


Vshaper considers after-sales service and support to be an integral part of the service they provide. Indeed, if you encounter any problems, you will not be abandoned, Vshaper does everything possible to ensure that you get the full benefits of its solutions.


Vshaper is continuously working on developing the distribution network of 3D printers by conducting business discussions with potential resellers around the world.


With an integrated ecosystem of devices, filaments, software and support, the transformation of projects into real objects is achieved with exceptional and repeatable print quality.


The modern VSHAPER research and development center has a machine park equipped with innovative equipment and highly specialized R&D personnel, who provide professional services.


By providing solutions that support the production processes of world-class companies, Vshaper is well aware of the challenges facing modern industry. The ability to select optimal solutions to the specificity of a given activity is of paramount importance for customer satisfaction.