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Prototyping and small-lot production processes

Vshaper creates reliable 3D printers supporting prototyping and small-lot production processes. Vshaper has a wide range of FILSHAPER filaments. Observing the growing market demand for IT systems supporting the operation of 3D devices, Vshaper’s offer also includes professional software SOFTSHAPER, compatible with any printer.

By focusing on innovation, quality and the pursuit of continuous development, Vshaper cares for a high level of cooperation, ranging from professional advice in the selection of machines, software, materials, taking into account the specifications of the client’s activity, ending with implementations and technical support.

Market success

Vshaper is continuously working on the development of distribution network of the 3D printers conducting business discussions with potential resellers from whole world.


Thanks to an integrated ecosystem of devices, filaments, software and support – transforming projects into real objects is carried out with repeatable and outstanding quality of prints.


The modern VSHAPER Research and Development Center has a machine park equipped with innovative equipment and highly specialized R&D staff, which ensures professional services.

Defined needs

By providing solutions supporting the production processes of world-renowned enterprises, Vshaper is well aware of the challenges facing the modern industry. The ability to select optimal solutions to the specificity of a given activity is of key importance for Customer satisfaction.