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Wohlenberg started to build machine tools in 1872 in Germany. The company manufactures turning lathes and deep hole boring machines, CNC machines with modern tooling systems for pieces from 6 to 150 tons. Their machines are used worldwide.
Wohlenberg machine tools are engineered and manufactured in Hannover, Germany. Utilizing ‘state of the art’ technology and with over a century of experience, Wohlenberg products provide customers with high quality, reliable machining solutions, customized to meet your specific production requirements. Their product line includes a variety of:
• Turning lathes,
• Deep hole boring machines,
• Machining centers to meet a wide range of machining needs.
WOHLENBERG develops a wide range of machining solutions and are used in a diverse variety of industries such as: printing industry, aerospace (ex: landing gear), ship building industry, energy industry (ex: turbine tours), machine and plant building, steel industry, oil & gas Industry, engines, transport Industry, hydraulics, defense industry(ex: gun drilling)…

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