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Metal Additive Manufacturing

AMPRO G2 : powder removal system

Manufacturer : AmPro Innovations
Sectors : Railway, Medical, Luxury, Industry, Fablabs, Education, Automotive, Aerospace

Residual powder retrieval globe box

Reference : AmProG2
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The AMPRO G2 is a simple, fast and efficient solution for all parts and manufacturing plates up to 350×350 mm. This solution allows you to evacuate the powder from your parts in a safe way, avoiding any risk of contamination of the working environment.

The machine allows a 360 ° rotation along two axes allowing the powder majority to be removed by gravity. In parallel, it is also equipped with a manual hand nozzle to carry out a meticulous work and to evacuate the powder trapped in complex channels. The machine is controlled with a pedal and a glovebox systems.

The transparent machine housing allows a complete view of the part, simplifying the operator work.

During the cleaning process, the production chamber may be immersed in an inert atmosphere (Argon or Nitrogen) in order to treat any type of powder including reactive powders. The powder evacuated is stored in a recovery tank for a future utilisation after sieving.

Rapid powder removal system

  • Machine size : 980 x 1570 x 1050 mm
  • 360° rotation of part along 2 axes
  • 3 gazes atmosphere (Ar, N2, Air)
  • Operator controlled
  • Slow rotation speed (<3 rpm) for an effective work
  • Contamination – free powder recovery
  • Solution for every kind of powder – Titanium alloys, Aluminium Alloys, Hx alloys, Stainless steel, …
  • Complete visibility of the machine thanks to a transparent machine housing
  • Suitable for a large size of build plate (EOS M280, M290 / Concept Laser M2 / SLM 280 / FSM 271M / BLT 320 / Trueprint 3000 / ≤350×350 mm)

Technical data

Basic parameters

  • Build plates suites : ≤ 350 x 350 mm
  • Operator control : X-Axis (foot pedal motor controlled), Z-Axis (manual)
  • Integrated internal tool : hand hekd gas nozzle
  • Filters 2 x HEPA – replaceable
  • Powder recovery bottle : 0.5l
  • Power supply : 240 V single phase
  • Inert control : oxygen gas monitor (for Ar or N2)
  • Rotation speed : <3 rpm


  • Footprint :  980 x 1.570 x 1.050 mm
  • Recommended installation space : 3.5 x 2.5 x 2.7 m
  • Weight : approx. 286 kg


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AmPro Innovations

AmPro is a Chinese 3D printing expert company which offers one-stop solution for metal 3D printing in aerospace, medical, and other industrial sectors, combing materials science, laser build strategy and process capability. AmPro provides a complete panel of machines for a production by SLM process. They propose pre-treatment machine to…

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