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BIONIC PRODUCTION – Mobile Smart Factory

Manufacturer : Bionic Production
Sectors : Industry

The Mobile Smart Factory is a modular container factory equipped with 3D printing devices for metal or plastic parts (including pre- and post-processing).

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Mobile Smart Factory

The Mobile Smart Factory is a true autonomous production unit in additive manufacturing. The integrated installation in containers equipped with 3D printing equipment aims to provide a flexible and reliable means of production wherever it is needed. The Mobile Smart Factory covers the entire additive manufacturing process, including pre-processing and post-processing. This allows a cost-effective and rapid supply of metal and plastic parts.

The overall system consists of two CSC-certified containers and includes one operating  and one production unit.

The benefits of the Mobile Smart Factory

Reliable and fast supply of metal and polymer parts :

  • Fast production of required spare and functional parts on site
  • Reduction of supply chain complexity

Reduced logistics efforts and cost :

  • Avoidance of excess inventories (made to order, not to stock)
  • Shipping cost savings through decentralized production

Flexible and efficient production capacities through “Plug & Print” :

  • Fast and simple expansion of production capacities
  • Simple relocation of production

Digitised and efficient production :

  • On demand production via virtual storage
  • High level of automation

Standard content :

  • Production unit : 20ft container (CSC-certified) / METROM 6 axis hybrid machine / customized chassis with isolation / Control unit for machine and container
  • Operating unit : 20ft container (CSC-certified) / Markforged X7 polymer printer / Creaform 3D scanner / Climatic office with PC workstation / storage room

METROM 6 axis Hybrid machine

Multifunctional system : WAAM additive manufacturing system and flexible machine tool

Markforged X7 polymer printer

Printing of composite parts, in polyamide (PA) matrix with carbon fiber, glass fiber, Kevlar®….

Parts and Components

  • Building space metals (diameter x height) : Ø700 x 450 mm
  • Building space polymers (width x height x length) : 330 x 200 x 270 mm
  • Materials : all weldable wires and polymers (carbon reinforced)
  • Application rate : up to 600 cm3/h ; approx. 3.5 kg/h (steel) ; approx. 1.6 kg/h (aluminium)


  • External dimension (L x W x H ) 20 ft : 605.8 x 243.8 x 259.1 cm
  • External dimension (L x W x H ) 40 ft : 1219.2 x 243.8 x 259.1 cm
  • Weight : approx. 12tons (operating container) / 15 tons (production container)
  • Interfaces&IT : Internet interface, ERP interface, internal network and data management


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Bionic Production

Bionic Production GmbH was founded by former employees of the renowned Laser Zentrum Nord in Hamburg in 2015. In early 2018, the company moved to Lueneburg and Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HLLA) became a majority shareholder in August 2019. Bionic Production uses the disruptive approach of bionic 3D printing…

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