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Blazer Series: laser scan measuring machines

Manufacturer : BLAZER
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Railway, Industry

The Blazer series are non-contact laser based blade measuring machines. There are the ultimate solutions for blade airfoil inspection requirements.

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This versatile laser scan measuring machines series are suitable for a wide variety of blade airfoil measuring applications. The system’s features provide fast scanning time, high accuracy and reliability measuring all types of jet engine blades including fan, rotor and vane parts.
The Metroptic MARS software provides full data of airfoil parameters for each blade section and calculates all intersection parameters. The graphic interface supports real time demonstration of measured blade characteristics and operational capability. The measuring machine is user-friendly, robust and reliable.

Blazer Configuration

  • BLAZER 2S is dedicated for small and medium size blades measurement. General blade height – up to 450mm, chord width – up to 100mm, minimal edge radius – up to 35 μm, total weight (including the holder) – up to 10 kg.
  •  BLAZER 2M is dedicated for medium and big size blades measurement. General blade height – up to 800mm, chord width – up to 280 mm, minimal edge radius – up to 65 μm, total weight (including the holder) – up to 30 kg.
  • BLAZER 2L is dedicated for very big size blades measurement. General blade height – up to 1800 mm, chord width – up to 550 mm, total weight – up to 400 kg.
  •  Specific configuration for blisks (integrally bladed rotors) measurement. Outer diameter – up to 650 mm, blade chord – up to 150 mm, minimum edge radius – up to 70 μm, Object weight – up to 30kg

Blazer Parameters

  • Measurement range: BLAZER 2S model – 150 mm, BLAZER 2M model – 200 mm
  • Resolution: BLAZER 2S model – 0.2 μm, BLAZER 2M model – 0.3 μm
  • Density: BLAZER 2S model – 90 pts/mm, BLAZER 2M model – 50 pts/mm
  • Surface requirements: Unrestricted for both BLAZER 2S/2M

Metrological performance

  • Space measurement (width-depth-height): BLAZER 2S model – 120 х 120 x 450 mm, BLAZER 2M model – 250 х 250 x 800 mm
  • Accuracy (sensor and mechanic parts): BLAZER 2S model – ± 0,008 mm (@3σ), BLAZER 2M model – ± 0,012 mm (@3σ)
  • Measuring point repeatability: BLAZER 2S model – 1 μm, BLAZER 2M model – 1.5 μm
  • Current calibration requirement: 1 time per day, duration – about 3 minutes.

Blazer benefits

  • A manifold increase in the performance of the blade control compared with traditional measuring instrumentations
  • Low operating costs
  • 100% quality control at all stages of production
  • Usability in measuring process and in program preparing

Blazer applications

  • Measurement of rotor and stator blades configuration for compressors and turbines
  • Block-sector blades measurement
  • Blisks measurement
  • Blade press die measurement in die forging
  •  Fillers (cores) measurement in blades molding.

Reference: customers use for a wide variety of blade types including products of Pratt & Whitney USA, Pratt & Whitney Canada, General Electric, Snecma, Turbomeca and others. The range of new applications increases every day.



BLAZER is a trademark of Metroptic Technologies Ltd and is a new generation airfoil and platform measuring machine for jet engine blades. Metroptic Technologies Ltd., founded in February 1998, is a rapidly growing high-tech Israeli company that develops innovative non-contact sensor technologies and products for a variety of industries. To…

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