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Non Metal Additive Manufacturing

CEAD – Robot Extruder

Manufacturer : CEAD
Sectors : Aerospace, Industry, Automotive, Railway

The CEAD robot extruder  is an innovative device that can be operated as an autonomous unit. The system is equipped with Siemens software. The extruder can also, in addition to operating on its own, be equipped with additional integration options such as the Profinet communication protocol.

Reference : CEADrobotExtruder
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Robot Extruder

Simplified integration

The extruder is light, allowing easy and fast mounting on the robotic arm. With the various robotic arm models available on the market, the CEAD extruder has wide choice and possibilities, making it compatible with most of them. This makes it easy to fully integrate and implement the robot, so it would allow the extruder to be controlled directly with the robot.

High production and reduced costs

The extruder is compatible with a wide variety of polymer materials. Whether it is the use of pellets or filaments, the operational cost of the parts produced is considerably reduced.

  • Extruder Weight : <29 kg
  • Total height : 920 mm
  • Max output : 12kg/hr
  • Nozzle range : from 2mm to 12 mm
  • Heating zones : 4
  • Control system : Siemens S7-1200
  • Heating power : 1.7 kw
  • Material storage : >25kg

CEAD robot extruder




CEAD is a technology supplier of 3D printing equipment on the frontier of large-scale composite additive manufacturing. In 2017 they started the development of their worldwide unique and patented Continuous Fibre Additive Manufacturing (CFAM) technology. Which makes it possible to 3D print large scale continuous fibre reinforced products with high…

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