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Non Metal Additive Manufacturing

CEAD Robot solution

Manufacturer : CEAD
Sectors : Aerospace, Education, Industry

There is a smaller and more adaptable solution proposed by CEAD which is a robot solution. It is composed of the head printer fixed on a robot arm, the storage of pellets, the alimentation of them and the software.

Reference : CEAD-RobotSolution
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CEAD Robot solution

The robot’s head printer solution is composed of almost the same technology as the CFAM Prime’s head. But there are some differences between these two solutions. The robot’s head printer is smaller and weight just 25kg. It allows the user to print the same materials as the CFAM Prime except continuous fiber.

This solution is controlled by the Siemens’ software Sinumerik which allows to lead 31 axis, there are no dimension restrictions.

CEAD standalone head

It is also possible to get the standalone head from the robot solution which is adaptable on any support and is exactly the same as the robot’s solution one.





CEAD is a Dutch company based in Delft which develop large scale 3D printers. They propose two different solutions: the CFAM Prime and a robot solution.

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