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Metal powders

Control laboratory of metal powder

Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry

Multistation delivers complete control laboratory of metal powder.

One of the key of the success in metal additive manufacturing is the quality and the right specifications of the powders. Multistation  provides a complete powder analysis and characterization laboratory .

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The quality of the metal powder affects its behavior during metal additive manufacturing processes. Particle size, morphology, chemical composition, density, and flowability impact the mechanical properties of the final part.

In order to verify the analysis certificate delivered with the powder and / or to identify other powder characteristics, Multistation proposes a powder control laboratory:

  • Laser diffraction particle size analyzer : to measure particle size distribution
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) to control the powder shape and morphology. Coupled to the microanalytical device to provide information on the chemical composition
  • Hall and Carney Flow, Rheometer, Angle of repose.., to measure the flowability
  • Gas Analyzer : to measure content of oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen
  • Helium pycnometer: allowing measurement of the true density
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma spectrometry (ICP) : to check and control the chemical composition