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Filament winding

Cubicon TPU

Manufacturer : Cubicon

Flexible TPU filament for machine CUBICON – 1.75mm – 600gr

Reference : CUBI-3DP-TPU

The TPU filament should be used with flexible extruder.
It features Non-toxic (formaldehyde 0%), flexible and excellent texture. Besides, it has the great durable and resilient characteristics.
Due to the elongation, the tangle may be occurred. Warping or “Hairy” prints may be generated during the print.
Frequently Clean the nozzle to prevent the carbonization inside of the nozzle.

Product : TPU Filament (for FFF-type 3D printer)
Volume : 600g
Colors : Transparent, Red, Green, and Black.
Material : Thermoplastic Poly Urethane.
Nozzle temperature : 220~240C
Recommended Bed temperature : 65C
* Users can adjust the temperature and speed properly according to the print environment / the print
Filament diameter : 1.75mm (tolerance +-0.05mm

Pack standard (included)

  • Access to the hotline during the warranty period, from 9 : 00 am to 5 : 30 pm
  • Machine builder warranty for spares (except wear and tear parts + consumables)
  • After Sale Service : reparation and labour costs included during warranty period (machine has to be sent back by the customer (customer charge))
  • If the machine needs to be repaired at customer site, travel expenses are charged to the customer.

Pack Serenity 350,00

  • All conditions of STANDARD are applicable
  • Priority hotline during warranty period
  • Multistation Warranty 1 year (standard exchange after technical analyse)
  • After Sale Service : Transportation fees included if machine is sent back to our workshop
  • Service visit included (1/year), travel expenses included (only applicable for France)

Pack Premium 900,00

  • All conditions of SERENITY applicable
  • Priority hotline for 2 years after machine delivery
  • Machine loan in case the machine is being repaired and not usable
  • Multistation Warranty 2 years (standard exchange after technical analyse)
  • Service visit included (1/year during 2 years), travel expenses included (only applicable for France)