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Spare parts


Manufacturer : HP
Sectors : Fablabs, Education

Replacement camera for DAVID SLS-2 or SLS-1.

Resolution 1280 x 960 px

Reference : DAVID-CAM-3.1-M
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The DAVID HP USB CMOS monochrome captures 25 frames per second at a resolution of 1280 x 960 px. This device works with a self-developed firmware including the concerted features for Structured-Light-Scanning. It is perfectly suited for detailed 3D scans with David-Laserscanner. A high quality Computar lens (focal length 12mm) is included.

Since the monochrome camera does not require color filters, the scan quality will still be better than with a CMOS color camera – but you’ll be able to capture David’s color textures as well when using a color projector .




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