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EHA – BSD Winder type 1 filament winding machine

Manufacturer : EHA
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry

This reliable equipment manufactured in series of parts whose diameter is up to 2 m and the length up to 10 m

Reference : 607a8aeb6622
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The BSD Winder 1 filament winding machine was designed for the most difficult applications. It implements a manufacturing process that avoids contamination of the sensitive elements with resin. The machine operator has easy access to the mandrel and fibers. Precise and stable, the machine is suitable for single spindle or multiple spindle applications. The equipment is particularly suitable for series productions of parts whose maximum diameter is up to 2 m and the length up to 10 m.



The subsidiary of Roth Industries develops and manufactures impregnation facilities and customized filament winding machines. Specializing in the manufacture of composite parts, the German company EHA (Engineering high-tech Assets) provides complete solutions. The subsidiary of Roth Industries designs and manufactures both cells of production for the impregnation of materials than…

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