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EHA – Prepreg plants

Manufacturer : EHA
Sectors : Industry

Flexible, these prepreg plants adapt easily to the needs of users.

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Designed by the engineers of EHA, the prepreg plants ensure the production of high quality materials. Customizable, these flexible facilities can use hot melt or solvents such as resins. Manufacturing processes easily adapt to the specifics of each user. The lines can be equipped, suited the technical specifications of production, with the Reverse Roller Coater (RVC) system or Knife (knife) system. The first implements a solution whose movements of the roll of application are in the opposite direction to the movement of the web. It is adapted to the manufacturing of high quality.



The subsidiary of Roth Industries develops and manufactures impregnation facilities and customized filament winding machines. Specializing in the manufacture of composite parts, the German company EHA (Engineering high-tech Assets) provides complete solutions. The subsidiary of Roth Industries designs and manufactures both cells of production for the impregnation of materials than…

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