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Filament Maker: professional device to produce filament for 3D printers

Sectors : Fablabs, Education, Industry

Make your own filament with this semi-industrial extruding line. The Filament Maker is fully configurable and adaptable to your clients’ needs.

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The filament maker is a professional plastic extruding line: a powerful, rapid, sturdy and reliable system to produce low cost filament of any diameter.

The system is composed of parts :
• An extruder to melt plastic
• A cooling line
• A smoothing station to avoid plastic thread deformation
• A filament winder to wind the extruded filament automatically onto rolls or spools

How it works ?

The user has first to select the extrusion temperature through a control panel and place the raw material (resin pellets) in the barrel.
The extruder contains an auger connected to an electric motor that will push the pellets into the heater. The heat will melt the raw material which will go through the nozzle. Filament’s diameter is dictated by the latter. The filament will be smoothed and then, rolled up onto spools.
You will be able to mixt color and create unique filament.


Technical specifications
Extrusion material: ABS, PE, PP
Nozzle diameter: 1.75, 2 and 3 mm
Extruder motor: 4KW AC
Cooling tank: Stainless steel