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High Performance Functional Material 3D Printer (400°C)

Reference : Funmat HT
5290,00 HT
6348,00 TTC
After sales service
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General presentation

Constant-Temperature Chamber

Chamber temperature over 90°C

High Temperature All Metal Nozzle

All metal hot-end that can go up to temperature of 450°C

Functional Material Capability

Able to print PEEK, ULTEM (PEI), PC and many more

    Pack standard (included)

    • Access to the hotline during the warranty period, from 9 : 00 am to 5 : 30 pm
    • Machine builder warranty for spares (except wear and tear parts + consumables)
    • After Sale Service : reparation and labour costs included during warranty period (machine has to be sent back by the customer (customer charge))
    • If the machine needs to be repaired at customer site, travel expenses are charged to the customer.

    Pack Serenity 350,00

    • All conditions of STANDARD are applicable
    • Priority hotline during warranty period
    • Multistation Warranty 1 year (standard exchange after technical analyse)
    • After Sale Service : Transportation fees included if machine is sent back to our workshop
    • Service visit included (1/year), travel expenses included (only applicable for France)

    Pack Premium 900,00

    • All conditions of SERENITY applicable
    • Priority hotline for 2 years after machine delivery
    • Machine loan in case the machine is being repaired and not usable
    • Multistation Warranty 2 years (standard exchange after technical analyse)
    • Service visit included (1/year during 2 years), travel expenses included (only applicable for France)