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HEMBRUG – Mikroturn series : Finish Hard Turning Machines

Manufacturer : HEMBRUG
Sectors : Aerospace

Finish hard Turning refers to the process of single point cutting of hardened parts having hardness between 55 and 68 HRC within the 2 micron range. It’s a simple, reliable and innovative process.
With Hembrug finish hard turning technology, many costly and time consuming cylindrical grinding operations can be easily replaced, without losing part quality.

Reference : c808016899c8
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The Mikroturn® machines

The Mikroturn® machines can be used for a wide range of parts that fit within the maximum turning diameter/lenght/weight of the horizontal machines ( 450 mm/ 700 mm/ 300kg) or vertical machines (1,500 mm/ 350mm/ 3000kg). The maximum spindle speed is within a range of 2,000 rpm -10,000 rpm for the Mikroturn horizontal series and from 200 rpm -1200 rpm for the Mikroturn vertical series.


Finish hard turning offers significant advantages over cylindrical grinding:

  • Cost saving: the Mikroturn® performs all the operations in one set-up whereas the grinding process would involve two or three separate operations.
  • Environmental friendly: Hard turning is a dry and environmental green process due to the absence of grinding fluids and grinding sludge.
  • Narrow tolerances: the one set-up process results in narrow tolerances especially in term of concentricity, square-ness and roundness.
  • More flexibility: with a single point standard CBN tool and clamping set-up, a wide variety of parts with different contours and sizes can be machined. This provides more flexibility in production environments and reduces change over time.
  • Higher productivity: finish hard turning ensures more material removal per machining cycle than grinding. This makes hard turning up to 3 to 4 times faster over cylindrical grinding.

The Mikroturn® technology is used worldwide in various sectors such as the bearing, automotive, mold & die industries.

Hembrug Mikroturn® series strengths

  • The hydrostatic system, superior to any conventional bearing system
  • Natural granite machine base
  • Thermal stability

The Mikroturn® hard turning machines can also be equipped with automated part handling and post process measuring equipment.


Hembrug machine tools


Hembrug, the Hard Turning Company Hembrug has developed and manufactured hydrostatic ultra-precision turning machines for over 45 years and is located in the Netherlands. As turning specialists, they are well known for product innovation and customized solutions in the field of hard turning. Hembrug designed and built the first ultra-precision…

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