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Metal Additive Manufacturing

LENS 850-R system – repair and fabrication of large metal parts

Manufacturer : OPTOMEC
Sectors : Industry, Aerospace, Education

The LENS 850-R with its large work envelope and 5-axis motion control system is ideally suited  for the repair and fabrication of high value large metal components used in the Aerospace and Defense industries

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  • Hermetically Sealed Class 1 Laser Enclosure
  • 900 x 1500 x 900mm Process Work Envelope
  • 5 Axis CNC Control System
  • XYZ gantry + tilt-rotate table
  • Integrated Gas Purification System
  • Integrated Dual Powder Feeders
  • 1kW IPG Fiber Laser


Specially configured system designed for the repair or fabrication of high value large metal components used in the Aerospace and Defense industries.

Example applications include

  • Repair or fabrication of components for aerospace and defense applications
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Advanced Product Development


  • Complete Atmosphere Control – full protection for highest quality
  • Direct from CAD to part – no tooling required
  • Superior material properties – full functionality
  • Near-net-shape build or repair – minimal finishing
  • Single-step process – reduced time and cost
  • Low heat input – low distortion and heat-affected-zone
  • Closed loop for precision deposition control
  • High efficiency lasers for reduced cost of ownership




The Company Optomec, headquartered Albuquerque (New Mexico), was founded 30 years ago. The Company has invested more than $30 million in the development of solutions and has worked with leading industrial companies and research organizations across a wide range of additive manufacturing implementations. Over 140 systems have been installed in…

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