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Manufacturer : LINSINGER
Sectors : Industry, Railway

Linsinger develops sawing technology, milling technology, rail technology and tools.

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Sawing technology

  • Sawing lines for the cutting of billets, tubes and profiles made from steel or non-ferrous metals, single or grouped in a layer.

Milling technology

  • Milling equipment for the preparation of welded edge profiles on sheet metal plates as well as steel strips and non-ferrous metals.
  • Hightest productivity with maximum precision.

Rail technology

  • Mobile and stationary milling and grinding equipment for reprofiling rail heads.
  • Rail sawing & drilling equipment for processing rails.

Tool technology & service

  • Exclusive pmanufacture and optimisation of tools for Linsinger machines.
  • Global service of the highest quality.
  • Original tooling for increased productivity.


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The Austrian company LINSINGER located in Steyermühl between Linz and Salzburg produces sawing and milling machines. The core business of LINSINGER is the production of turnkey solutions for large, high-power carbide tool circular saws, pipe cutters, sheet metal milling machines, sawing machines, rail drilling machines and mushroom milling machines. of…

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