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MIKROMAT – 12V, 20V : Precision portals machining centers

Manufacturer : Mikromat
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry

The MIKROMAT 12V, 20V machines allow complete machining of the part in one take, from roughing to finishing, the best way to reach the maximum precision.

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MIKROMAT’s experience in production and use of vertical/horizontal jig boring machines and jig milling machines enabled the manufacturer to define a new type of machine for JIG 5-side and 5-axis machining.

Precision portals allow, thanks to exchangeable heads and extension system, to optimize the workspace with a minimum machine size. Boring, milling and grinding technologies are all fully integrated.


  • Fully-integrated two-axis fork heads for use as a 5-axis simultaneous machine.
  • An automatic tool changer (ATC) to achieve a higher level of system automation. The ATC can take place in the vertical main spindle as well as in the horizontal or vertical machining heads. The number of tool stations of the storage is variable. The tools are changed outside the working area, to preserve the working area and to avoid collisions.*
  • There are various machine options and additional equipment that gives access to the most ambitious machining strategies.
  • Central energy interface with automatically operating media couplings for all machine functions and technical processes (external and internal cooling). Directional adjustment of all boring and milling heads is fully automatic.
  • Pallet changer for efficient production through parallel set-up and processing times.
  • Turning and reclining tables for machining of workpiece in every position.


  • Table area LxW : 2000 x 12500 mm
  • Max. table load : 5000 kg
  • Dimensions : 9500 x 4500 x 5100 mm
  • Positional uncertainty X/Y/Z : 0,0025 / 0,0025 / 0,0025 mm


  • Table area LxW : 4000 x 2000 mm / 500 x 2400 mm
  • Max. table load : 12000 – 15000 kg
  • Dimensions : 11500 x 6400 x 5500 mm
  • Positional uncertainty X/Y/Z : 0,006 / 0,006 / 0,003 mm


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Mikromat is a German company which manufactures machining centers, grinders and milling machines. Products Mikromat (machining centers or manufacturing unit) are designed to meet all requirements even more accurate for machining parts. MIKROMAT performance guarantee Utmost accuracy in processing of your workpieces, realized by MIKROMAT precision machinery, as well as…

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