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Milling 5A

Multi-professional Machining Centre

Sectors : Aerospace, Industry, Automotive

TURNMILL 1250, 2000, present original solution of new generation of multi-purpose machining centres.

Turning (face turning, boring, external turning)
Milling (vertical, horizontal, five-axis)
Grinding (face grinding, peripheral grinding)

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Use in production of:
electro motors, gear boxes, steam turbines, water turbines, air compressors, wind power stations, parts of nuclear energetics, pipe systems, transport systems, mining systems

Upper gantry-type turning and milling machining centre in the basic execution is provided with four controlled axes:
X-axis – cross rail longitudinal travel
Y-axis – slide cross travel
Z-axis – ram vertical travel
C-axis – clamping plate rotary axis
Rotary milling head with tilting movement in the B-axis is increasing the number of controlled axes to 5.

Gantry-type Multi-professional Machining Centre MCV 2318

Multipurpose overhead gantry machining centre in a 5axis configuration. Kinematics of the machine is made up of three perpendicular linear axes, an angular head with electro spindle, turning capabilities while locking the milling spindle and a rotary table diameter 1800 mm and with maximum speed of 250 1/min.