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Metal Additive Manufacturing

OPTOMEC – LENS Print Engine

Manufacturer : OPTOMEC
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Education, Railway, Industry

The LENS Print Engine provides Optomec industry-proven metal 3D printing technology in a modular form for rapid integration with other metal working platforms.

Reference : OptomecLPE
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Add Laser Deposition Capability to Virtually Any CNC Machine Tool

The LENS Print Engine provides Optomec industry proven metal 3D Printing technology in a modular form and makes it available for integration with other metal working platforms such as mills, lathes, robots, custom gantries, or table systems. Now metal deposition and machining can be performed in the same system allowing you to leverage capital assets and accelerate implementation of additive technology through an HMI already familiar to your machinists.

The modular LENS Print Engine component capabilities include

  • Optomec LENS deposition head with 4-tip print nozzle
  • Proprietary SteadyFlow™ powder feeders
  • SmartAM™ closed loop melt pool control
  • Tool path generation software
  • Material Starter Recipes
  • Fiber laser power up to 2 kW

Combined with a CNC machine tool, the LENS Print Engine simplifies metal fabrication applications such as net shape rapid prototyping, hybrid manufacturing, full production, in-situ repair, manufacturing rework, application of wear or corrosion coatings, and more.


  • Industry-leading Deposition Heads
  • Best-in-Class Powder Feed System
  • Industry Proven Control System
  • Toolpath Generation Software
  • Support for fiber-delivered lasers, including IPG


  • Net Shape Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing
  • Hybrid Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Rework
  • In-situ Repair
  • Cladding/Surfacing, Including Corrosion and Wear Resistance



Standard Features

  • LENS Processing Head
  • Interchangeable Print Head Nozzles
  • SteadyFlow™ Powder Feeders
  • 500 W IPG Fiber Laser
  • PartPrep™ Tool Path Software
  • Machine Tool Safety Upgrade

Optional Features

  • SmartAM™ Process Control
  • Vision Alignment Camera
  • Laser Upgrade to 2 kW

LENS Print Engine Example Installations

  • Deposition Head : LENS deposition head with 4-tip print nozzle
  • Laser : IPG fiber laser from 500 W to 2 kW, other fiber delivered lasers
  • Powder Feeder : SteadyFlow Powder Feed System, up to 4 powder feeders per LENS Print Engine System
  • Toolpath Generation : Art-to-Part Toolpath Software, Conversational Toolpath Generation utilities
  • Controller : Customer supplied CNC controller, such as Siemens, Fanuc…etc.
  • Motion : Vertical or horizontal machining center, custom gantry, robotics.
  • Process Parameters : Full training in process, operation and maintenance
  • Key Process / Variable Monitoring : SmartAM closed loop process controls for layer to layer & part to part consistency
  • Material Recipes : Starter recipes for key materials and features from proven Optomec applications research
  • Support : Full Optomec applications and service support





With Optomec, the promise of high-volume additive manufacturing is a reality today, transforming how companies design, build and maintain critical parts and products and enabling new manufacturing possibilities. The Company Optomec, headquartered Albuquerque (New Mexico, USA), was founded 30 years ago. The Company has invested more than $30 million in…

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