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RangeVision – Neo

Manufacturer : RangeVision
Sectors : Education, Fablabs

The RangeVision NEO is a compact portable optical 3D scanner. It utilizes structured white light technology and captures details and textures (with color) using two 2-megapixel cameras. The scanning area of the device isn’t large but still enough for many objects: 200 x 150 x 150 mm. The accuracy is 0.05 mm and the NEO can be used for scanning objects ranging from 3 cm to 1.2 m in size.

Reference : RANGEVISIONneo
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RangeVision NEO

The RangeVision NEO is an optical 3D scanner powered by structured light technology. It is equipped with two 2-megapixel cameras capable of capturing both small details and textures. The NEO 3D scanner is able to digitize different-sized objects. The professional software along with a set of powerful tools streamlines the capturing process. For example, the automatic scanning mode takes care of all the scanning settings, being ideal for newbies. The scanner comes with a protective hard case for safe storage and easy transportation.

Thanks to its ease of use and affordability, the RangeVision NEO is perfect for scanning a variety of workpieces for reverse engineering, 3D modeling, heritage preservation, and 3D printing.

Scan accuracy

The RangeVision NEO is a reliable desktop 3D scanner that can capture data with an accuracy of 0.06 mm and a 3D resolution of 0.18 mm. This professional scanner generates detailed 3D color models. The automatic alignment scanning mode lets you easily align single scans by markers, on the rotary table, and by the geometry of the part.

Scan volume

The scan area of 300 x 240 x 240 mm lets you capture objects from 30 mm to 1.2 m in sizes. The maximum load capacity of the table is 44 lb (20 kg). The automatic turntable measures ø 200 mm.

Scanner controls

The scanner is controlled via a USB-tethered computer (USB 3.0). It doesn’t require external power.

The RangeVision NEO comes bundled with the proprietary ScanCenter post-processing software. This intuitive yet powerful program efficiently processes the captured data and turns them into realistic models. Suitable for both rookies and experts, ScanCenter features an automatic alignment mode that helps you interconnect separate parts and fill empty spaces effortlessly. The software comes with an unlimited license and features fee ongoing updates.

The captured data can be exported in a variety of 3D formats compatible with most 3D printers (OBJ, STL, ASC, ASCII, etc.).

  • Technology : 3D structured light scanner
  • Trueness : greater than 0.05 mm
  • Resolution : greater than 0.13 mm
  • Size of objects : from 3cm to 120cm
  • Field of view : 200 x 150 x 150 mm
  • Working distance : 30cm
  • Ability to capture textures : Yes
  • Cameras resolution : 2MP
  • Alignment modes : with markers / by free scanning
  • 3D scan formats : OBJ / PLY / STL / WRL / ASCII
  • Scanner power source : USB
  • Minimum computer requirements : Intel Core i3 / i5 1.8 GHz, 8 GB, HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 for the rotating platform
  • Supported OS : Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 64bits
  • Turntable : yes
  • Platform diameter : 20 cm
  • Maximum load of the tray : 20 kg
  • Power source for the tray : 220V – 20V / 1A
  • Dimensions of the trunk : 430 x 380 x 155 mm
  • Weight of the filled trunk: 5.5 kg


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RangeVision RangeVision is a manufacturer of 3D scanners and a developer of professional scanning software with a worldwide presence and a wide partners network. More than 10 years on the market The development of 3D scanning algorithms began in 2008. Two years later, in 2010, the RangeVision company was established,…

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