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Non Metal Additive Manufacturing


Manufacturer : SOLIDSCAPE
Sectors : Luxury

Solidscape S350 3d printer; high resolution 3D printer for jewelers

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The high precision wax model 3D printers built exclusively for jewelers, the desktop Solidscape S300 series creates ultra-accurate, directly castable wax models with complex geometries, clean burnout and superior surface finish.

The Solidscape S350 and S370 are engineered specifically for custom jewelry production
S350 S370
Business model Complex custom designs Higher volume or larger designs
Resolution Builds crisp, exact details with user selectable layer thickness down to 0.00025 in (0.00635 mm) Builds smooth details with user selectable layer thickness down to 0.001 in (0.0254 mm)
Customer need One-of-a-kind fine jewelry More basic design and quick turnaround
Volume Production volume of 1-3 models per day Production volume of 1 large piece or 3 or more models per day




Solidscape®, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of high-precision 3D printers, materials and software for Direct Manufacturing of solid objects designed in CAD. These wax objects are ideal for lost wax investment casting and mold making applications, providing the highest standards in surface finish, accuracy and material castability, eliminating the need…

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