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Scanner – Fever detection system

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Multistation is now an authorized distributor of FeverTIR  , a thermal cameras manufacturer and multispectral vision systems manufacturer.

Recently, we have developed a new “plug&play” solution for fever detection, based on a high-precision thermal imaging cameras (+/- 0.3ºC) to measure, without contact, quickly and accurately, the corporal temperature of humans.

DEMO : https://youtu.be/HcB7s1vJ7Fo

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Its speed of data capture, high precision and resolution, make it ideal for installation at the entrance of hospitals, work centers, industrial centers, logistics centers, shopping centers, construction sites, hotels, companies that continue to operate, banks, etc. Definitely, in any establishment with an influx of people and potential risk of contagion.

System FeverTIR complies with the UNE IEC 80601-2-59: 2019 standard. This standard is for non-contact temperature measurement using thermographic devices