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3D Printers

Sintratec S1

Manufacturer : SINTRATEC
Sectors : Education, Fablabs, Industry, Aerospace

The laser sintering machine for your professional needs.

Reference : Sintratec S1
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General presentation

Whatever parts you need for your project, the Sintratec S1 brings your digital objects to reality better than ever. You can print functional parts and bring your crazy shaped design concept to life.

The Sintratec S1 brings your digital objects to reality better than ever. You can print highly complex and functional parts with complete freedom of form. The Sintratec S1 has been designed to meet the
professional needs of industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, industrial machinery and rapid
prototyping as well as education and research.

The maximum print volume is 130 x 130 x 180 mm. The recommended print volume is 110 x 110 x 160 mm.

The Sintratec S1 is fully CE-certified and runs on standard 230V power connection. You can find more detailed information in the fact sheet below.


With the Sintratec print materials you can create parts that can be used as functional prototypes in
mechanically demanding applications and even as end products.

Technical Specifications

  • Print Volume (max.) : 130 x 130 x 180 mm
  • Print Volume (recomm.) : 110 x 110 x 160 mm
  • Layer Height : 100 Micrometers

Outer Dimensions

  • Heigth : 757 mm
  • Width : 670 mm
  • Depth : 365 mm
  • Weight : 67 kg
  • State upon Delivery : Ready to print
  • Power Connection : 230 V
  • Peak Power Consumption : 1.9 kW

Diode Laser Sintering

Laser Sintering is the gold standard in additive manufacturing for industrial needs. Due to the Sintratec S1’s high precision diode laser you can expect exceptional results.

Take advantage of Sintratec’s technology to create functional prototypes and high quality end products tailored to your specific needs.

Sintratec Software

The Sintratec S1 comes with the Software Sintratec Central. The intuitive interface allows you to easily import your 3D objects and start your print job.


Sintratec Logo


Sintratec is Switzerland’s leading 3D printer manufacturer and specialized in the development and production of SLS 3D printers. The range includes compact laser sintering systems which process high quality polymers. Sintratec's laser sintering technology allows the production of complex and freeform objects which meet demanding part resolution, robustness and temperature…

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