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Metal Additive Manufacturing

SLM 800

Manufacturer : SLM Solutions
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry, Railway, Medical

Large-format SLM 800 system is equipped with a build envelope of 500 x 280 x 850 mm and capacity for up to four 700w lasers to produce huge metal parts.

Reference : SLM800
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The machine is designed to be integrated into a scalable solution alongside a fully automated handling station that can automate additional processes of unpacking, pre-heating, cool down, powder removal and powder transfer without manual handling, particularly beneficial when dealing with parts on this scale.

  • Redesigned internal components including improvements from SLM 280 2.0
  • Integrated powder supply
  • Permanent filter module
  • Machine on base platform to accomodate zaxis drive mechanism
  • Linear axis to transfer build cylinder from SLM machine to automated handling station

Machine technics


Automated handling station

  • Automated system
  • Automated transport of cylinders inside the system
  • Includes spaces for controlled cool down and preheating of build cylinders
  • Parts are rotated and vibrated for automatic powder removal

SLM800 automated

Main features

  • Build envelope 500 x 280 x 850 mm
  • Application: Large parts that do not fit into SLM 500 build envelope; production
  • Two or four lasers, 400 W or 700 W

size SLM800

Technical specifications


  • SLM800 machine: 500 x 280 x 850 mm


  • SLM800 machine: approx. 4 tons
  • Unpacking Station approx. 12 tons

Consumption SLM 800

  • Energy and gas consumption comparable to current SLM 500

Consumption Unpacking Station

  • No values available yet
  • One 64A power connection and gas connection required



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SLM Solutions

SLM Solutions develops additive manufacturing metal solutions with application in R&D and production. The German society, SLM solutions, located in Lübeck (one hour from Hamburg), has been specialized in additive manufacturing technologies for many years. SLM Solutions develops additive manufacturing metal solutions which are polyvalent and flexible. SLM Solutions systems…

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