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MATERIALISE – Software Magics

Manufacturer : Materialise
Sectors : Aerospace, Automotive, Industry

Magics rapid prototyping software enables you to import a wide variety of CAD formats and to export STL files ready for rapid prototyping, tooling and manufacturing. Its applications include repairing and optimizing 3D models; analyzing parts; making process-related design changes on your STL files; designing fixtures; documenting your projects; production planning and much mor

Reference : MATERIALISEmagics
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Data and Build Preparation

  • Compatible with all data types and formats
  • File repairand data preparation for all AM technologies
  • Data editing and enhancement tools
  • Automated build platform preparation
  • Measurements and reporting for quality control
  • Integrated simulation capability

Boost Your Productivity in 3D Printing

Materialise Magics is a smart, versatile data preparation software for additive manufacturing equipped with a customizable, intuitive user interface. This industryleading software efficiently guides you through every step of your 3D printing workflow.

Materialise Magics is a technology-neutral modular solution. Whether you want to generate support for your metal or resin parts, or nest multiple parts on your laser sintering machine, Magics offers all the modules you need to print parts with the highest efficiency. It allows you to view slices, detect collisions, save platforms, and generate useful reports.

Why choose Materialise Magics ?

  • Prepare build platforms faster
  • Reduce lead times
  • Save material
  • Get every part printed right the first time

Prepare parts with Materialise Magics

  • Import all data types and formats
  • Repair and prepare files for all technologies
  • Edit and enhance data
  • Prepare build platforms
  • Rely on reports and measurements for quality control
  • Perform simulations




The Software of Choice for Additive Manufacturing When Materialise was founded in 1990, their goal was to enable new uses for the extraordinary potential that 3D printing offers. Since then, they have leveraged their experience to create a range of software solutions and 3D printing services, which together form a backbone…

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