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Metal Additive Manufacturing


Manufacturer : Techgine
Sectors : Education, Industry, Medical

The TZ-SLM300A is a cost-effective and compact industrial grade metal 3D printing solution.

Reference : TZ-SLM300A
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The product is the result of design iteration. It is reliable and wide applicable, alowing to achieve very complex and precise structures on a large scale. The control software has a mature database of multi
materials and can be used to developped the own process parameters of the customers.


  • Pioneered in bidirectional recoating system – improving the building efficiency
  • Compact structure with modular design
  • Unattended operation with recoating monitoring
  • High layer precision and good surface quality
  • Machine size : 2250 x 1200 x 2050 mm
  • Build size : 250 x 250 x 300 mm
  • Laser power : 500 W
  • Recoating mechanism : Bidirectional recoating
  • Build rate : 3-35 cm3/h
  • Precision optics : ± 0.05 mm
  • Focus diameter : 100 µm
  • Oxygen level : ≤ 100 ppm
  • Substrate pre-heating : 200°C
  • Materials : Titanium / Aluminium / Stainless steel / High-strength steel, …


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Shanghai Techgine Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is a open and innovative R&D company established by Shanghai Electric Group, a Chinese equipment manufacturing giant, and Professor Zeng xiao yan's additive manufacturing team from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Techgine is committed to the R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical service of metal…

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