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Milling 5A

UNIOR – Special Machines Series

Manufacturer : UNIOR
Sectors : Automotive, Aerospace, Industry, Railway

Unior offers a wide range of machine tools: rotary indexing table machines, flexible processing cells Type FPZ, end facing machines, deep drilling machines type TMB & KTBM, special deep drilling machines, flexible machines types UH, 5-axis processing modules type RHW, special/ transfer machines.

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UNIOR CNC machines

UNIOR has almost 40 Years of experience in development and construction of special and flexible CNC machines with cutting-edge technology for high-precision machining of metals and high-production volumes

UNIOR CNC machines are used by sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace and Tool production. The following material can be processed: steel, aluminum, grey castings (GG), titanium, powder metal composites, bronze, brass, stainless steel, high-strength alloys.

Machines’ highlights

  • Cooling of the tools – MQL (minimum Quantity Lubrication), dry machining, wet machining
  • Training & Schooling
  • Warranty (12 to 24 Months) with maintenance service in customer’s vicinity
  • Integrated and optimized “turn-key” technical solutions for machining of customer’s workpieces – technology and know-how.



Unior is one of the largest and most important Slovenian exporters with diverse production segments. The branch, UNIOR machine tools, manufactures machine tools for the automotive and aerospace industries. Finally actual multi-stations machines in Multistation’s program for machining crankshafts. The manufacturer develops 5 types of machines for automotive and aerospace…

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