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SPEE3D – Warp Spee3D

Manufacturer : SPEE3D
Sectors : Automotive, Aerospace, Industry

WarpSPEE3D is a world first metal based 3D printer utilising supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D). The technology manufactures fast, low-cost, near net shape parts suitable for commercial and industrial applications. It is ideally suited for producing parts currently designed for sand or die casting.

Reference : SPEE3DwarpSpee3D
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  • Fully integrated design including enclosed build
    chamber, powder feeder, electronics and print head.
  • Touch screen HMI
  • High speed robotics
  • Very high build rates – up to 100grams/minute.

Technical Specifications

System Specifications

  • Machine footprint : L 3930 x W 2723 x H 2743 mm (approx.)
  • Machine weight : 3500 kg (approx.)

Functional Specifications

  • Maximum part size : ᴓ1 m x 0.7 m (approx.)
  • Maximum part weight : 40 kg
  • Materials : Copper / Aluminium

Performance Specifications

  • Deposition rate : Up to 100g/minute (maximum)
  • Electrical Power Supply : 415V (3 phase), 32A socket
  • Compressed Air Supply : 30Bar, 1.0m3/min
  • Noise : < 85dBA @1m
  • External Compressor 30Bar, 15kW,
  • 3 stage reciprocating


  • CAD input : STL format
  • User Interface : Touch Screen





SPEE3D is the first additive manufacturing technology based on the coldspray process – Projection of powder at supersonic speed. The SPEE3D machine manufacture parts or preforms of parts, in a quick and inexpensive manner, suitable for productions applications. This technology can for example substitute to the moulding and the vacuum…

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