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Wematter – SLS Gravity

Manufacturer : Wematter
Sectors : Education, Medical, Industry, Automotive

SLS Gravity Printer with Cleaning Unit and powder collector

Reference : WematterSLSgravity
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SLS Technology in Office environment

Now you can print finished products with SLS-quality without the need for powder rooms, dedicated staff and complex settings.

Wematter technology consists of :

  • Gravity: 3D printing machine
  • Density: water-jet cabinet
  • Inertia: powder collector
  • Deep-Space: Cloud-based software
  • Aurora powder: from renewable sources and recyclable

Strong & Flexible

SLS 3D-printed parts with mechanical properties as strong

as injection molding without the need of support structure.

Patented powder system

Refill Wematter Gravity in a very easy way with our patented powder packaging. The powder is being recycled and stored inside Gravity for your next print. Used powder is mixed with 50% of new powder.

Just Plug & Play

CE-certified, easy to install eco-system that is up and running in less than an hour from delivery. You only need a normal power socket for your AM production.

No More Service Plans

Cloud connected, novel machine built for a sustainable long term rental. Self-diagnosing and troubleshooting through the cloud.

Work remotely

Start print jobs, monitor and follow the process through your phone, laptop or tablet with the help of Wematter’s IoT platform.

Easy to use for everyone

Self-instructing software and machine guide feature with ergonomic solutions for an effective printing process.



Wematter Médical Wematter Médical


Industrial and commercial application

Wematter Printed partWematter Printed part Wematter Printed part


  • Build Volume: up to 300 x 300 x 300 mm
  • Precision : 0,1 mm
  • Footprint : less than 1 square meter
  • Machine Dimensions : 170 x 75 x 60 cm
  • Print Technology : SLS
  • Speed :  12 mm per hour
  • Weight :  310 kg
  • Connections : Power 230 V, 50-60 Hz / Ethernet 1 Gigabit




Wematter is one of the Sweden’s top 3D printing companies. It is a hardware startup making the leap into Industry 4.0 from a part of the world that pioneered innovation in aerospace and telecom. Wematter is growing in the soil of Nordic innovation and are making the factory of the…

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