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ZRapid series iSLA

Manufacturer : ZRAPID
Sectors : Education, Fablabs, Luxury, Industry, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive

ZRAPID provides SLA 3D Printers in different building volumes :

  • iSLA 300: 300 mm (X) x 300 mm (Y) x 200 mm (Z)
  • iSLA 550 : 500 mm (X) x 500 mm (Y) x 300 mm (Z)
  • iSLA 500Ex : 500 mm (X) x 500 mm (Y) x 300 mm (Z) (New launch)
  • iSLA 660 : 600 mm (X) x 600 mm (Y) x 300 mm (Z)
  • iSLA 660Lite : 600 mm (X) x 600 mm (Y) x 300 mm (Z)
  • iSLA 800 : 600 mm (X) x 800 mm (Y) x 400 mm (Z)
  • iSLA 880 : 800 mm (X) x 800 mm (Y) x 400 mm (Z)
  • iSLA 1100 : 1000 mm (X) x 1000 mm (Y) x 600 mm (Z)
  • iSLA 1400D : 1400 mm (X) x 800 mm (Y) x 600 mm (Z)
  • iSLA 1600D : 1600 mm (X) x 800 mm (Y) x 600 mm (Z) (New launch)
  • iSLA 1900D : 1900 mm (X) x 1000 mm (Y) x 600 mm (Z)
Reference : ZRapid-series-iSLA
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ZRapid series iSLA

Parameters in common

  • Laser type: Diode-pumped solid-state laser Nd: YVO4
  • Wave length: 355 nm
  • Accuracy: depending on parameters, part size and geometry, pre-processing, post processing, materials and environment
  • Recoating system: Intelligent positioning and vacuum adsorption recoat
  • Thick range: Quick style:0.1-0.15mmLayer thickness rang are adjustable. 0.05-1mm all are ok according to the material
  • Normal thick: 0.1mm 100um
  • Laser Beam diameter: 0.1~0.5mm 100um-500um laser spot are adjustable.

Machine advantages

  • Dynamic focus super-fast scanning style
  • Large surface intelligent partitioning scanning
  • Heat photosensitive resin with closed hot air
  • Granite integrated Z axis lifting platform
  • Intelligent positioning and vacuum adsorption recoater
  • Remote App monitoring & Smart push

Technical advantages

  • Fine detail and smooth surface finishing
  • Print intricate details with accuracy achievable up to 0.05mm
  • Convenient and user-friendly for printing concept models, functional prototypes and end-products
  • Two options of quick printing mode and precision mode available
  • Comprehensive product ranges from iSLA 300 to iSLA 1900 for printing big automotive model as well as small parts for jewelry


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ZRapid Tech is a chinese high-tech enterprise dedicating to Industrial 3D Printing equipments, 3D Printing softwares, 3D Printing materials development, production, sales and technical services. They are the leading supplier of 3D printers in China, supplying 35% of the national SLA market. ZRapid Tech is the technical support unit of…

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