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exone-systems-metal-innovent-plus_2exone innovent-slide-2

ExOne Innovent+

Innovent + is the binder jetting machine from ExOne dedicated to R&D an small series production. It is a flexible,...
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Machine 2 - M3DP-BLImage 2 - Piece Aero apres depotImage 3 - Piece aero apres usinageImage 4Machine 1 - M3DP

SBI Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing

SBI is an Austrian manufacturer of additive manufacturing machines using PAAM - Plasma Arc Additive Manufacturing technology. Intended for the...
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EASTMAN Raptor 75xEASTMAN Raptor 75x

EASTMAN – Raptor 75x : multi-ply cutting system

The Eastman Raptor 75x™  features numerous design upgrades and benefits for improved operation, throughput and maintenance for automatic multiple-ply cutting...
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AMPRO Innovations – VC40 : Bulk Powder Removal for Additive Manufacturing

This equipment makes it possible to simply aspirate and recover the surplus metallic powder resulting from an additive SLM manufacture.
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AMPRO Innovations – SU40 : Powder Sieving for Additive Manufacturing

Powder sieving equipment designed for metal powder used in additive manufacturing.
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AMPRO Innovations – PS20 / PS60 : Silo Storage for Metal Powders

Ergonomically optimised powder tank for powder processing throughout the metal additive manufacturing chain.
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AMPRO Innovations – PD10 : Powder Drying for Additive Manufacturing

This module allows to dry the powder to be used in additive manufacturing.
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AMPRO Innovations – DU40 : Powder Decanting for Additive Manufacturing

This system allows a safe transfer of the powder from the transport packaging to the machine tank or any other...
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The MAGIC-HT-PRO from IEMAI 3D is a high-performance material 3D printer with a large built volume of 310 x 310...
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3D microPRINT DMP50 GP3D Micro Print3D Micro Print3D Micro Print3D Micro Print

3D microPRINT – DMP50 GP

The DMP50 GP, designed for R&D work and series production, processes materials like Stainless Steel, Tungsten and highly reactive materials...
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3D MicroPRINT DMP633D Micro PRINT Kleinserie von Schachtürmen auf einer Bauplattform3D micro print Kleinserie auf einer Bauplattform3D micro print Kleinserie auf einer Bauplattform

3D microPRINT – DMP60 Series

The DMP60 series is the current machine generation for Micro Laser Sintering developed with the help of end users from...
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AIM3D ExAm 255

The ExAM 255 3D printers uses the composite extrusion manufacturing method (CEM). The 3D Printer is based on the injection...
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UNIOR – Universal double – spindle center

Tandem 700 L is a high-tech processing center for high productivity and large production. Practically oriented and enhanced modular design...
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Crankshaft machinesCrankshaft machinesCrankshaft machinesCrankshaft machinesUNIOR Powertrain - CrankshaftUNIORUNIOR crankshaft

UNIOR – Crankshaft machines

Face and centering machining & Deep drilling all channels and drilling for weight reduction
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UNIOR Flexible rotary indexing table machinesUNIOR Drivetrain - SubframeUNIOR Powertrain - oil sumpUNIOR Powertrain - air intakeUNIOR Powertrain - Valve capUNIOR Powertrain - Various pump housing

UNIOR – Flexible rotary indexing table machines

For the need of medium and large production series, Unior offers machines built on the principle of turning table. With...
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UNIOR program-TBMUNIOR program-TBMUNIOR program-TBMUNIOR program-TBMUNIOR Cylinder blockUNIOR Powertrain - Rocker armUNIORUNIORUNIORUNIOR

UNIOR – Standard and special deep drilling machines – Gundrills

Due to larger and larger demands of customers in boreholes implementation (tolerance of boreholes, quality of surfaces), development and use...
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UNIOR Flexible centre end facing machinesUNIOR Powertrain - CamshaftUNIOR Powertrain - CrankshaftUNIOR Transmission - Flange shaftUNIOR Transmission - Gear shaftUNIOR Transmission - input output shaftUNIOR Transmission - Rod shaft

UNIOR – Flexible centre end facing machines

Within the frame of processing ends of bar materials, elbow shaft or camshafts, we offer machines for processing of ends,...
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UNIOR – Type UH 1000

The machine is intended for procession of bar or round materials, such as workpieces such as crankshaft, camshaft, gearbox shaft...
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Geomagic control XGeomagic control XGeomagic control XGeomagic control XGeomagic control XGeomagic control XGeomagic control X

Geomagic® Control X™

Geomagic® Control X™ is a professional metrology software that lets you capture and process the data from 3D scanners and...
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EVATRONIX – eviXmatic : automatic scanning and measurement system

Designed, engineered by Evatronix, the eviXmatic* is an automated four-axis scanning and measuring system offering a possibility to fully automatize generation of...
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Evatronix heavy Duty basicEvatronix heavy Duty basic

EVATRONIX – Professional 3D scanner 3D Heavy Duty Basic

The Heavy-Duty Basic 3D scanner is based on structured light technology. Offering shots in blue light, to limit interference due...
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EVATRONIX Scanner 3D Heavy Duty OptimaEVATRONIX Scanner 3D Heavy Duty OptimaEVATRONIX Scanner 3D Heavy Duty Optima

EVATRONIX – Professional 3D scanner 3D Heavy Duty Optima

EviXscan 3D Heavy Duty Optima is a professional tool for 3D scanning, non-contact quality control and rapid prototyping of medium-sized...
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TAURUS waldrich CoburgTAURUS waldrich CoburgTAURUS waldrich CoburgTAURUS waldrich CoburgTAURUS - vertical milling machine1488232677_g15u3


Ideal machine for 5-axis or 5-sided machining, thanks to a panel of eleven milling heads produced in WALDRICH workshops. Energy...
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computer tomographie system Diondo D1d1 Diondo right open ohne Schatten

Diondo D1 : computer tomographie system

With the D1, diondo is now launching a new, compact CT system, which leaves nothing to be desired with regard to accuracy,...
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IngersollIngersoll MasterprintIngersollIngersollIngersollIngersollIngersoll

INGERSOLL – MasterPrint

Printing process fitting into global composite manufacturing with remarkable advantages in cost & lead times.
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Geomagic Design XGeomagic Design XGeomagic Design XGeomagic Design X - Modèle de solide paramétrique

Geomagic® Design X™

The ultimate 3D CAD scanning solution. Geomagic® Design X ™ is dedicated to reverse engineering, it allows the export of...
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AMPRO Innovations – G4 : powder removal system

Residual powder retrieval globe box
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Gtarc 405Gtarc 405

GEFERTEC – ARC 403 and ARC 405

ARC 403 : 3-axis machining ; Max. size of machined parts (x - y - z) in mm : 800 - 900...
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Arc 405Arc 603 et 605GefertecGefertecGefertec

GEFERTEC – ARC 603 and ARC 605

ARC 603 : 3-axis machining: Production of metallic components up to 3.0 m³ with a maximum mass of 3000 kg....
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SLM 800

Large-format SLM 800 system is equipped with a build envelope of 500 x 280 x 850 mm and capacity for...
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SPEE3D LightSPEE3D machineSPEE3D LightSPEE3D frontSPEE3D LightSPEE3D detailSPEE3D LightSPEE3D detailSPEE3D LightSPEE3DSPEE3D LightSPEE3D nozzleSPEE3D LightSPEE3D roboticsSPEE3D LightSPEE3D parts

SPEE3D – Light Spee3D

SPEE3D is the first additive manufacturing technology based on the coldspray process – Projection of powder at supersonic speed. The...
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OPTOMEC – LENS Print Engine

The LENS Print Engine provides Optomec industry-proven metal 3D printing technology in a modular form for rapid integration with other...
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X-ray Computed Tomography solutions

CT has been widely used for many years in medicine for imaging and diagnosis. With the additive manufacturing rapid development,...
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ALTAIR – INSPIRE : optimization software for Additive Manufacturing

SolidThinking INSPIRE is a topological optimization software allowing to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. Traditional structural...
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Multistation’s Progressive Design activity which includes as well software for topological optimization and automatic generation of lattice structures, is enhanced...
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EVATRONIX – Professional 3D scanner Heavy Duty Quadro

Versatile high-definition scanner for any type of environment.
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EASTMAN – Eagle S125 : Static Table Cutting System

Eastman’s Static Cutting Table System is capable of cutting, marking, drilling and punching virtually any flexible material at speeds of...
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UNIOR FPZ 250UNIOR FPZ 250UNIOR FPZ 250UNIOR FPZ 250UNIOR Powertrain - Turbine HousingUNIOR Powertrain - Various pump housingUNIOR Transmission - input output shaftUNIOR Transmission - Planetary shaftUNIOR Powertrain - oil pump housing

UNIOR – Type FPZ-250

Developed as an answer for demands for bigger and better flexibility of machines, minimal space requirements and shorter cycle times...
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MIKROMAT – 3G, 5G, 10G, 15G, 20G, 60G : Rotational form and thread grinding machine

The MIKROMAT grinding machines are well-known to produce high quality work pieces and for their performance and comfort of use....
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SILVESTRINI – Railway positioners

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SILVESTRINI – Heavy loads positioning

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MULTIAX – 5-axis machining center soft materials

MULTI-5-AXES COMPACT 5-axis machining center soft materials
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MARIO CARNAGHI – Vertical Lathes

Range of vertical lathes produced by MARIO CARNAGHI : • CNC-Controlled vertical lathes and vertical machining centres with single or...
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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAphoto_fraisage1-3foto_truck1-3


Linsinger develops sawing technology, milling technology, rail technology and tools.
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ALESAMONTI – Boring machine

Founded in 1956, Alesamonti deploys its facility plant in the lakes region of Northern Italy. The company designed its first...
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MARIO CARNAGHI – Gantry machine

CNC-Controlled milling machines with movable columns and fixed table, "Gantry" type, of every lenght, with distance between columns from mm....
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SLM SolutionsHelice SLM Solutions

SLM 500

The SLM 500 selective laser melting machine is an ideal solution for production of large metal part while increasing productivity...
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Metal powders dedicated to metal additive manufacturing

Multistation is offering, available from stock, different types of metal powders dedicated to the various metal additive manufacturing processes.
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Autodesk Netfabb

Autodesk Netfabb® est un logiciel qui propose une solution complète pour éditer et corriger les problèmes récurrents concernant la qualité...
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arton270Helice SLM Solutions

SLM 125

This compact and economic machine adapts easily to the needs of users.
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arton274SLM SolutionsSLM Solutions

SLM 280 2.0

The op­ti­mal ap­proach for re­li­able metal part pro­duc­tion and pro­to­types. Flex­i­ble, safe and ef­fi­cient. Up to 80% higher build-up rate.
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