About us

Making new from the old

Second life industrial equipment

Multistation is a company having experience in the field of purchase and sale of used industrial machines. Thanks to its 35 years experience the company has an extremely solid technical  background. Multistation is a key actor of the supply and value chain of digital & additive manufacturing. Connecting buyers and sellers though Multistation second hand website from all over  the world is one thing, but transporting complex or multi-ton machines from one to the other is another. The division Multistation Second Life is your partner in technology assets management : investments,  desinvestments, production relocation, liquidations, auctions. Multistation is realistic because we know  the market prices, the guarantees… We are present in all sectors of activity.

Multistation developed its Second Life Department to help companies get better and faster results with their industrial initiatives. The content is specifically designed to help product managers, engineers and others learn how to leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing and machine tools. While it focuses on helping them identify and validate the most promising applications, Multistation also provides tools and insight that can help companies rethink and improve their supply chains while building a long-term competitive advantage.

What’s included our services ?

Our sales process for second hand additive manufacturing machines meets the following steps :

  • Signature of an Intention to purchase form in order to reserve the machine
  • Building of a test part (from a STL file)
  • On-site machine inspection (virtually or on site)
  • Order confirmation if the inspection/ vitual demo is satisfactory
  • Payment : 100% before shipment

You want to sell a machine, how does it work ?

You want to sell a machine from your workshop that you do not longer use or have not enough work for it

  1. Send us details of the machine you want to sell or click on the link HERE
  2. Our expert will call you to analyze your offer and agree on sale conditions
  3. Multistation promote and sell your machine

You want to buy a machine ?

You have a limited budget to pruchase a machine ? Multistation offers an exclusive and confidential second hand marketplace. This platform allows you to find the best machine according to your needs. If the machine you are looking for is not online, we can fin dit for you through our international network. Our team will call you to understand and identified your needs.

Dismantling and transport

We provide dismantling, transport and delivery, installation and mounting services for machines and devices all over the world. In addition, Multistation organises training sessions which are conducted by technical engineers who are well-acquainted with the machines.