FDM (Fused deposition modeling)

3D Printer-Makerbot Replicator Z18

Manufacturer : MAKERBOT

Fields of activity: Fablabs, Education, Industry

The large print volume coupled with full connectivity are the major assets of this latest generation 3D printer. On-board camera, end-of-reel detection, smartphone connection and Makerbot-made print quality for large, three-dimensional projects: The Z18 is an industrial prototyping tool with office-grade and professional quality.

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Technical specificities

  • Type of material available PLA
  • Building volume 305x305x457mm
  • Diameter of the nozzle 0.40 mm
  • Layer thickness 0.10 mm
  • Positioning accuracy 0.01 mm
  • External dimensions 493x565x829mm
  • 100-240V electrical connections



Process : FDM (Fused deposition modeling)

Condition : Very good condition




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