The Viper SLA is a photopolymeric additive layer manufacturing system able to building parts up to 250mm cubed in standard resolution-mode and 125mm cubed in high resolution-mode from a range of Epoxy-based resin materials.

Reference : M150410
Validated & certified by Multistation
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The system works by exposing a UV-light sensitive resin to an accurately positioned solid-state UV laser beam.

Wherever the laser beam touches the resin, the material is instantly changed from a liquid into a solid. By solidifying successive layers of material, parts are manufactured.

The system has a typical layer thickness of 0.1mm, but can build in layer as thin as 0.02mm.

The 3D Systems Viper SLA uses a solid state laser producing 100mW of power at the point of convergence with the resin vat.

The laser produces a beam diameter of 0.25mm (+/- 0.025mm) in standard resolution mode and 0.075mm (+/- 0.015mm) in high resolution mode.


In perfect running condition and very well maintained

Laser Power 101 mw MW

Hours of laser: 5500 Hrs

Buildstation 5.5.1

Type/Model : 3D SYSTEMS

YOM : 2004

Process : SLA

Condition : Very good condition

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