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ACB Loire Skin

Reference : M171109
Validated & certified by Multistation
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Press table Tonnage: 400 tons metric [ 440 short tons ]

Press table dimensions: 187″ long x 14″ wide

Press table cylinders: two (2) per carriage at 200 tons

Press table mounter on pivoted center post.

Press table stroke est. 1.2m ( 48” table stroke on table)

Jaw type: Straight, segmented 4m (157” jaw length)

Jaw carriage positioning: Motor driven by 5” diameter lead screw shafts; two (2) per side

Distance range between jaws: 0.0” to 132” Each jaw carriage with up to 200 tons capacity

Jaw carriages: Function In – Out, rotate jaws up & down on long axis; 20 degrees approx. on horizontal plane

Down acting bulldozer on gantry: 100 tons

Gantry rail mounted, motor (2 per side) driven Hydraulic system: Rexroth components

Hydraulic tank capacity: 1100 liters

Hydraulic Power: three (3) 55 Kw motors for press system, separate power/pump system for gantry hydraulic cylinder

Process : Other Machines Tools

Condition : Very good condition

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