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Additive Industries – MetalFabG2


.Modular and automated metal AM printer for high production

Reference : M240501
Location : Europe

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Machine is equipped with 4 full-field lasers, each 500W. Both additive manufacturing cores are running  on AlSi10Mg and come with powder load tools for inert and contactless material supply. Due to identical setup, system can autonomously print two consequent jobs while also taking care of depowdering through the integrated depowdering mechanism

  • 4 lasers, full-field. Diode on-time <20hrs , <70h laser on time for all lasers
  • 2 AM cores, both currently running on AlSi10Mg
  • 4 powder load tools for inert & contactless material supply
  • Integrated depowdering
  • 8 build plates
  • Build volume 420x420x400 mm on both AM cores

Machine can be equipped with further modules by the manufacturer to customize to higher automation.



Materials :
AlSi10Mg (AMC1)
AlSi10Mg (AMC2)

Type/Model : MetalFabG2

YOM : 2022 - installed July 2023

Building volume : 420x420x400 mm on both AM cores

Process : SLM


Type/Power of the laser : 500W

Number of hours of the laser : 65

Condition : Very good condition

Last maintenance date : 21/02/2024

Last use date : 15/04/2024




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