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The Artec MHT scanner captures brilliant color at up to 24 bits per pixel. That means that the resulting texture is of great quality similar to a modern video camera. This model is perfect for designers, movie makers and animators.

Reference : M130604
Validated & certified by Multistation
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Common specifications:
Ability to capture texture  Yes
3D resolution, up to  0.5 mm
3D point accuracy, up to  0.1 mm
3D accuracy over distance, up to  0.15% over 100 cm
Texture resolution  1.3 mp
Colors  24 bpp
Light source  flash bulb (no laser)
Working distance  0.4 – 1 m

Software: Artec Studio TM (Version of Artec Studio:
USB cables
power supply
protective case

Type/Model : ARTEC

YOM : 2011

Process : Other

Condition : Très bon état

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